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Fascinating Fact about Sensitive Skin... Please read on...

Over 35% of UK women experienced uncomfortable, sensitive skin problems in the last 12 months. On average, women suffer from rash or sensitivity to female care products for five weeks each year. Over 300 women in the UK are treated for Toxic Shock Syndrome, many more suffer in silence, every year.

Most of these problems can be EASILY SOLVED by avoiding the HARSH chemicals that the BIG CORPORATIONS insist on putting into standard period products.

Ecopeach Organic Cotton Feminine Care products ensure that you avoid the Chlorine, Perfumes, Pesticide & Herbicide residues found in standard cotton pads. EXTRA-SOFT, SUPER-ABSORBENT Organic Cotton will SOOTHE & PROTECT Your Delicate Skin and keep your feeling FRESH and COMFORTABLE, DAY and NIGHT!

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